About Us

In 1950, Al Amoudi started its first commercial business at the hands of Sheikh Othman bin Awad Al Amoudi, may God have mercy on him, in Saudi Arabia in Makkah. The group started its business in the food sector in 1950 and then expanded its activities to include real estate.


The Group's principle and policy is based on clarity, honesty, handling and balanced profitability, which has earned the Group a good reputation and unique distinction. This has helped the Group to speed up its expansion, spread and multiplicity. The Group's activities have spread to the United Arab Emirates (Dubai - Sharjah - Ajman) - Al-Shahr - Ghail Bawazeer). The dream of these activities is real estate, contracting, hotels, gas stations, car trade, spare parts, water desalination, jewelry trade, foodstuff trade, building materials, heavy equipment and transport. Kr.


The sons of Sheikh Osman Al Amoudi continued their blessed development, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Othman Bin Awad Al Amoudi, Chairman of the Board, Sheikh Omar Bin Othman Bin Awad Al Amoudi, Vice Chairman and Sheikh Abdullah Bin Othman Bin Awad Al Amoudi, Executive Director of the Group. And success. This success has been sustained by the fertile environment and open mindedness of the rulers of the Gulf States. The group has become the majority of the rulers of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia beginning with the reign of King Abdulaziz bin Abdul Rahman, the founder of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the era of prosperity and development. King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz and the group lived the culmination of its development and success in the United Arab Emirates and was a period of unprecedented qualitative leap under the reign of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan united Emirati House and may God have mercy on him and continues to this covenant continues and constant steadfast giant giant wise Who is the person of His Highness Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, President of the UAE and his brethren the Rulers of the United Arab Emirates, and has issued to this group ambitious young people, open minded and not tired and not tired in order to achieve the main goal is excellence and non-discrimination.