About Us

Reef Petroleum company which is one of Al Amoudi Group Companies was established in 2005  ,by a group of business minds who are active and open-minded . Mr. Khalid Bin Hussein Al Kaf ,Sheikh Ahmed bin Abdullah Al Amoudi, sons of Sheikh Othman Al Amoudi (Mohammed Omar and Abdullah) and Mr.Hamad bin Falah Al Abadan.


Because of the importance of this sector and its widespread, Thought has been directed to enter into it.

The Group has focused on the establishment of petrol stations in Saudi Arabia, specifically in Riyad hand the regions of Arar and Al-Jawf. Several petrol stations and investment have been created. The company has gained a good reputation in a short period of time Due to its access with confidence and unlimited support and putting distinct imprint from which the company could gain the confidence of its customers by improving the general appearance of the sites and renewal for the stations that was established and which is under construction.

We look forward to expansion through this sector to reach the real and positive competition To improve and develop the sector and create models for petrol stations to be suitable for the development of the region and  to gain the customer satisfaction and the concerned ministries Which seek to develop this sector and elevate it to cope with this comprehensive renaissance in the region in general and Saudi Arabia in particular.