About Us

Al Amodi for constructing and building is one Al Amoudi Group companies. It is a company that has proven itself in this area and in this fast-growing industry.

In 1980, AL Amodi contracting company has started by Sheikh Othman bin Awad al Amodi (May Allah have mercy on him) to be supportive of the rapid growth of the movement in the region. The company was keen to keep pace with construction boom to this growing for Arabian Gulf States. The focus of the company's activities was in Saudi Arabia and then expanded and moved to the United Arab Emirates and the company's projects included:  residential buildings , commercial buildings, towers , petrol stations , landscaping , paving , asphalting works , Infrastructure works and general maintenance. The company was keen to gain a good reputation in the surrounding work environment, characterized by fast accomplishment and product quality.

The company wouldn’t gain this reputation without the support of this sector and Providing all the necessary capacities of the Trained team and highly qualified engineers with extensive experience. In order to gain the  satisfaction of our customers who are the main partner in the development of  growth of the company

Strategic partnerships has been held with several companies such as BIN GORIBAH & AL MAKHZOM CO represented by its General Manager Mr. Abdullah Obaid AL Makhzom And almonjezon institution and its Director and young ambitious professor Hamad bin Falah Al Abadan .These companies were the most important factors of success In this sector And our access to gain good results andto produce a High quality product .The existence of successful managers and the Board of Management represented by the distinct Sheikh Mohammed bin Othman Al Amoudi Chairman for al Amodi group and Sheikh Omar bin Othman Al Amoudi Group Vice President and Sheikh Abdullah bin Othman Al Amoudi Group Executive Director.